Roid Rage Real or Fake

Roid Rage Bodybuilding
Does Rich Piana have roid rage or is he just an asshole?

"Roid rage" has become a catch phrase for bodybuilders who freak out because of the steroids they are taking or is it simply because they've got a very short fuse or some personality disorder? The truth is that "Roid Rage" is actually an aggressive outburst resulting from taking (AAS) anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) in high doses.

In a recent study that was done specifically on "roid rage" they gave the men volunteers 300mgs of testosterone over 7 days. All the subjects had an increase in aggression, albeit a mild and infrequent aggression. However, when the same group of men were given 500-600mgs over 7 days there was a further increase in aggression.

It should be noted that 5% of the volunteers displayed hypomania and/or some sort of manic behaviour. Hypomania is when someone swings from being completely euphoric to completely irritable. Manic is the exact opposite of depressed. A manic person is someone in an extremely elevated mood.

To date there are no studies done that have actually proved conclusively that "roid rage" actually exists and is a real thing, despite studies done proving that it will increase aggression. The many different studies done on "roid rage" only prove that when a person is extremely aggressive or mentally unstable before taking steroids that it will make the problem worse.

Over the last 10 years there have been exhaustive studies done on "roid rage" and the most effective information coming from these studies has been a list of warnings what kind of people should not consider even thinking about taking steroids.

1. Those people who have any history in dealing with mental issues or are already mentally unstable.

2. Anyone with a history of violent and aggressive behaviour.

3. Anyone who finds it difficult to control themselves emotionally.

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