Hitting the Gym? Then Get the Right Diet Balance

Whenever we think of starting a new health and fitness regime we often find ourselves with a number of questions, and far too many different answers - "should I stretch pre or post workout?", "when should I eat?", "what's the best exercise for abs?", how to get cheap gym membership deals with pay as u gym?

Well, it may be time to take a proper look at your training. Here we look at some basics that will form a great grounding for your training, and how to fuel your workouts. If you're already training, let them serve as a refocusing exercise, and for the newbie, use them as a guide to getting started...


Our nutrition fuels our lifestyle, and so if we change how we live, we need to think about supporting that change in terms of nutrition. Now that does not mean everything suddenly gets complicated - it needn't. In fact, many people give up training because they overcomplicate everything, and quitting is not the aim.

You will also be subjected a barrage of information and advertising telling you that there is a new magic solution, or that you cannot manage without "this" product. Remember though, advertising is there to sell goods, not to help you...


The three main food groups are fat, protein and carbohydrate.


Not necessarily your enemy and your body needs a good source of fat to function and repair itself. It lubricates joints, regulates blood sugar and keeps your immune system ticking over. You need a good natural source, and avoid processed, hydrogenated fats.


The body's fuel, cut out the refined sugars and go instead for the complex carbs that provide a slow release of energy to the body, these will help you feel fuller for longer too, helping you avoid poor snack choices. Think wholegrains and natural products.


The food for the body's muscles. Protein is key, it repairs and builds muscle after use.

Pre Workout

The aim of nutrition here is to improve performance. Be careful of fat, as it takes longer to digest, and may still be sitting on your stomach. Eat at least 30 minutes pre workout and also ensure that you are well hydrated with water - no need for fancy sports drinks! The body will need fuel for the workout, but the best suggestion is trial and error, try varying your consumption and thereafter comparing performance. The timing of the workout is crucial too, and some can even get away with nothing if they're early morning runners, but this isn't right for all.

Post Workout

This is recuperation, rest and repair time. You should wait around 30 minutes post workout to eat, but not more than 60. Protein will be needed for the repairs, as will good fat, and perhaps fewer carbs. Again, hydration is always key, your body needs water and dehydration will not only affect performance, it is also dangerous!

It's great that you're thinking of becoming healthier, and asking questions is a great way to learn. It's just the amount of conflicting information available that confuses people! Learn to understand your own body whilst following these simple principles, eat a well-balanced diet that fuels your workouts and always have a good source of calories otherwise they are wasted!

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