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Power Rack: This has to be the one item all home gyms have to be based around. The combo power rack is your best bet. The combo rack also comes with a freestanding bench (built to competitive standards) for all your bench press training and a platform. For any home or private gym start up this should be the first item you should consider.

Bars: The first bar you need is a good power bar. Do not skimp on the bar or you will be buying new ones all the time. I would also recommend a cheaper bar that can be used for heavy rack pulls, and pin presses. Over time no bar can handle this amount of abuse without bending. So, get something cheap and use it. It does not matter if you use a bent bar on these movements so save your good bar for the squats, benches and dead lifts.

Plates: With these items be smart. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY FROM A MAIL ORDER OR INTERNET COMPANY unless you plan on a huge order. The shipping could kill you. First check your local sporting goods store or exercise equipment shop. Sometimes you can get a bar with a 300 pound set. Purchase only what you need. Get as many 45 pound plates as you feel you will need then only (2) 25's (4) 10's (2) 5's and (2) 2.5's. This will give you everything you need to lift any increment of weight needed.

Dumbbells: For the dumbbells, only buy the ones you will be using. Save the rest for later or when you get stronger. Hex dumbbells are the cheaper option. Pro-style may be a better bet for long-term usage but are more expensive.

Reverse Hyper: I feel this should really be an important item to get along with your rack but if you are doing this on a budget, then save your money to get this and save some space for it too. This item is a must have. The Reverse Hyper is the best machine for developing the muscles of the lower back and hit the muscles of the lower back in glutes.

Dipping/Chin/Leg Raise Station: This is a must.

Pull Down: A lat pull down with low pulley. A unit that you add weights too. Do not get a selectorized piece, this is one with the plates already on. They are expensive.

Weight Trees and Bar Holders: If your going to spend all the money on plates and bars you should at least keep them out of the way and not sprawled out all over the ground or staked up along the wall. Trees are inexpensive and a needed necessity.

Cardio Equipment: Treadmills, recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, elliptical, stair climbers, or steppers are also a special need. Check out your local sporting goods store for these. Get a commercial piece and it could run you up to $2,500 plus for one of the above. So, again, go to your local sporting goods store for an inexpensive machine that can handle the abuse but won't kill your pocket book.

Leg Equipment: Now this is more of a luxury in a home gym, and with bulky and costly leg presses and hack squat machines the way to go is an Angles Leg Press. This apparatus was designed to offer space saving but professional type of machine without costing you a pretty penny. You can also do calf raises on this machine.

This should provide an excellent start for anybody interested in getting a home gym started. Think about this, the initial start up cost is a significant amount. But think of all the money you will be saving in the long run. A gym membership usually is about $495 or more a year. A home gym will pay for itself in less then a couple years. If you don't want to save those monthly dues then every so often invest in a new piece of equipment, just don't get that garage or extra spare room. That is everything you need to build your own gym. You can spend as much or as little as you like.



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We offer only premium gym equipment. When investing in Home Gyms and Gym Equipment, you want a model that will achieve your fitness goals and not cost a fortune.

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