What is the Best Protein Supplement to Build Muscle?

Best Protein for Muscle Building

There are some many protein supplements available today, but we all want to the best. Right? I have tried so many different supplements over the years, but the one that I feel is the best, based on actual muscle building results is...

Nitrobol Amino Acids

Why amino acids and not whey protein?

Any protein including whey is made up of amino acids, you body will break it down to get the needed aminos out of it. So it makes more sense to just take pure amino acids and give your body exactly what it needs.

Nitrobol has the highest quality and also the correct ratio of amino acids essential for muscle growth. Using this products I added 50 pounds to my bench press, 70 to my squat and 35 pounds on curls. I also gained 15 pounds of bodyweight, and it for sure is not fat as I get leaner and leaner every week.

I suggest you check it out yourself go to Nitrobol Amino Acids

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